Open Source Intelligence Training – 2 Day Course


Online over 2 days x 4 hour each day


Available dates in August, September and November 2022


Hong Kong/Singapore/Malaysia- am and pm slots


Desktop/Laptop with video capability and a configured VPN


HK$4,750 / US$600 / S$850(SGD) per person


What is OSINT

Open Source Intelligence, or OSINT, is a method of collecting data from publicly available sources to be used for intelligence purposes. This is not simply limited to the information that can be found by searching on Google, however, the “surface-web” is an extremely important resource in OSINT.

The use of the internet and social media is growing all the time but it is currently estimated that there are over 4 billion internet users, 126 million daily Twitter users, over a billion Facebook and Instagram users, and 1.5 billion users of YouTube. There is therefore a vast amount of information available that can help to identify people, their patterns of life and movements, links between people, groups and organisations and much more.

The vastness of the data available also creates challenges and OSINT tools are available to exploit this information although these change regularly. As an example, there are a variety of Facebook tools available but these are regularly changing. One such tool is Facebook Stories which, with a targets user ID, makes it possible to retrieve posts by the target depending on privacy settings.


Who is the Course Designed for?

Open Source Intelligence training can be extremely useful for a variety of professionals in the private and public sector including law enforcement services, private investigators, insurance claim investigators, threat intelligence analysts, recruiters, internal security operations, KYC/Compliance officers and more.

Our training courses are designed to help you learn the necessary skills, methods and techniques of undertaking an investigation using online sources from the internet to the dark web. Once the course program is complete our goal is to have provided you with the confidence to conduct your own investigations and analysis in your line of work.


Course History, Delivery and Instructors

Our OSINT courses have been designed and then evolved by using tried and tested methods of online operational research, and then those techniques have been included into the course. We have delivered training in over 50 countries to government agencies, multi-national organisations and individuals who require a basic to advanced understanding of OSINT techniques and other intelligence gathering tactics.

The 2 Day (4 hour) Fundamental OSINT Course is designed to be delivered online to participants. All you require is a good speed/bandwidth WIFI connection, desktop/laptop with a camera and configured VPN, along with a quiet space for you to work during the online course.

Our trainers are all practitioners, that means we are conducting live intelligence gathering operations and complex investigations on a daily basis. We use a blend of researchers, analysts and experienced investigators to deliver the training. They have a vast amount of expertise in operating online and in-person in these roles. We use case studies of historic cases to help you understand the actual application in real life scenarios. Of course we don’t disclose any of clients or subjects names when we explain some of our examples.


Course Content

Day 1

  • What is OSINT? Who uses it? Why?
  • OSINT & Operational Security (OPSEC)
    • Setting up virtual machines/clean machines
    • Correct VPN usage
    • Browsing and searching habits
    • Addons, extensions, additional privacy tools
    • Risks of OSINT research
  • OSINT Process
    • How to conduct an investigation at all stages
    • Creating a research plan
    • Use Cases
  • Data Analysis
    • Recording information and intelligence (difference between the two)
    • Reducing bias and misinformation
    • Reasoning and deductive skills

Day 2

  • Research Skills
    • Google Dorks, keywords, correct search engine usage
    • Data extraction (Images, videos etc.)
    • Email addresses
    • Usernames
    • Profile Pictures
  • Person Search
    • People search engines
    • How to use social media to find someone?
      • Facebook
      • Twitter etc
    • Geolocation data
    • Government registries and information brokers
  • Website Research
    • How to browse a website for content
    • WHOIS Data
    • SHODAN tool usage
    • IP addresses
  • Surface, deep, dark web analysis
    • TOR habits
    • Breached Data, legal or not?
  • Practice OSINT Test



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