We take pride in getting results for our clients efficiently and professionally.

We take pride in getting results for our clients efficiently and professionally.

Futurum was established in 2014 by a group of Ex-UK police and special operations officers. Since then we have served a multitude of government, commercial and private contracts in over 50 countries globally. In recent years due to demand, we have expanded our APAC regional presence by establishing a head office in Hong Kong. This has enabled us to better service the specialist needs of our corporate and private clients located in Asia.

With our team having decades of experience in the law enforcement, intelligence, investigation, and the risk sectors – we are in the unique position to help our regional clients, no matter the challenges they face.

Our extensive understanding of the planning and execution of covert and conventional investigations as well as experience in handling financial crime, fraud, corporate and private investigations is second to none in the region.

Reliability, transparency and honesty are our key values. We take pride in getting results for our clients efficiently and professionally.

We’ve worked with a wide range of clients, ranging from the Langham Hospitality Group and Deloitte, to NGOs such as the Hong Kong Dignity Institute and Run HK. Being able to consistently provide accurate and expedient services is why we maintain strong working relationships with our customers.

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About Futurum Asia

Our Vision

Futurum Asia’s vision for the future is to create an investigation, intelligence and risk company that spans across the Asia Pacific regions. We aim to offer each and every client a 360 degree view of the risk and intelligence landscape that they are involved in. To achieve this, we draw upon OSINT techniques, proprietary technology and the experience of our subject matter experts.
Our goal is to provide that personal yet professional approach to all of our casework assignments and to ensure we maintain a competitive edge with our pricing structure (fixed fees), intelligence insights, and best practice to achieve our clients objectives.
James Ellender


Managing Director - Asia Pacific

James Ellender has worked in the risk, intelligence and security industries for over 20 years. Initially spending 12 years as a PIP accredited specialist detective in UK law enforcement, he developed an extensive understanding of the planning and execution of covert and conventional investigations. He also has experience in handling financial crime, narcotics cases, and counter-terrorism operations as well as holding a Masters of Science (Msc) in Risk, Crisis and Disaster Management from the University of Leicester.

Since 2012, he has been assisting governments, multi-national organisations and individual clients on a case-by-case basis. Most recently, he helped develop behavioural analysis techniques for the 2022 FIFA World Cup security team.

He also regularly delivers corporate training and public speaking engagements in the areas of behavioural detection, the science of interviewing, corporate security awareness, risk mitigation and crisis management.

The interview training workshop provided by Futurum gives amongst others very practical and clear guidance on ways to structure interviews as well as on the interpretation of verbal and non verbal clues. The practice exercises can also be used in many real life situations and are very hands on. James Ellender's extensive experience adds a wealth of knowledge to the topic.
A huge thanks to Futurum Asia for delivering an incredibly insightful 2-day master class training on ‘Investigative Interviews and Interpreting Behaviour Indicators’ to our team and our partners at RUN Hong Kong. We leave with great takeaways on how to adopt flexible and complementary psychosocial, investigative, and anthropological approaches in working with individuals with vulnerable characteristics!
Futurum were able to identify financial irregularities in bank statements and financial documents, along with uncovering previously properties in Europe as part of their investigation and open source research. This aided me in getting a balanced divorce settlement.
Due to surveillance the team at Futurum identified my spouse having dinner with someone else whilst I was out of town. This provided the evidence for my divorce proceedings.
From initial inquiry to conducting an investigation was only days. Futurum Hong Kong undertook an investigation into advanced fee fraud, reviewed documents, identified and verified that some names used were fake and the documents had been produced that were forged. We decided not to continue working with the broker and were able to recover our initial advance fee.
A quick identification of assets and negotiations that only took weeks for me to recover my investment funds, lost interest and costs that I had put into a property investment in the United Kingdom.
Within days of proving the initial information, their research team compiled a report which then determined that I should not invest into the proposed investment as it looked like a scam. The report contained numerous suspicious information and previous history of this type of scam.

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